Time Is Now (A Poem By A Friend)

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As we live, love, play, fear, cry, laugh and cheer
We have to smile, for whatever it is change, is here

We had our aches as well as our sorrows
as we lived each day as if there were no tomorrow

the world is older than anyone on Earth
no one was around to witness its birth

our pains and tears were nothing new
for it happened to many and not just us, the few

but being near you, around you and over you this year
I learned in order to change, I must live without fear

and after a while it wasn’t all bad
certainly its better than what we used to have

time is endless as certain as we are in this present
surely our time together was always calmingly pleasant

as we live, love, play, fear, cry, laugh and cheer
we have to smile, whatever it is, our change is here


My New Story

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Alright, my new story is called: My Hero, My Knight. I am open for discussion on everything. This book is written for a very close friend of mine. Here is a brief overview:

Joshua Jade is an average young man who is in love. Or at least that’s what he thinks. He asks the one he’s in love with to marry him, and she tells him, “I need more time.” She leaves, and Joshua meets another suicidal woman years later. His mind, longing for his love, but turning towards the other. Eventually, he makes a decision, wondering what could have been if he hadn’t chosen her.

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Yes. Officially. New chapters for my main character’s sister. This shall let you know more about my story. I am quite proud of myself. And sick. Anyhow, putting that aside, I have made it better and more interesting (in my opinion). Please, comment and read. I have worked my butt off.

P.S.: The story’s name has been changed to OIT (Our Intertwining Tale). I like it much better this way. Also, the order of the chapters are in crazy orders because of the ‘X’s in my roman numerals. Yes, they are ordered in roman numerals, if you didn’t know. Enjoy!

P.P.S.: Josiah’s chapters are written in BLUE. Cassandra’s chapters are written in RED.


Ugh, The Most Hated Word EVER.

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Dangit. I wasn’t pleased with the beginning, or some of the plot twists, so I’m editing, deleting and so on. I’m sorry if I’ve made the readers unpleasantly impatient with me, but what has to be done has to be done. I’m going to take it off the sight, working and waiting, hoping I can get some very interesting twists from some very interesting people. Of course, whatever your account name is, I’d gladly put it on my “Thanks” list, once, or if, the book is published. Please, cope with this decision. I’m about has angry as you are.

Yes, I hate myself right now.


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Okay. I have some new and exciting news for everyone who enjoys visiting my site. I will soon be having another blog, which I will write down soon, where a new series will begin. There is no name, and no “exact” plot line. But my cousin and I will be working on it together. I am the author, and he is the illustator. We were both inspired when on July 5th, 2008, we were both walking in a cemetery with all of our friends. This is going to be an interesting piece of work.

Alright, I’ve got the story name, the plotline and the first two chapters. So, everyone better be excited.

Another Day

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Alright, you found my site. Great job, kiddo. Now it’s time for you to read my stories. This blog is used for my story: Blue Sunday

Here are the chapters and their order:

(Please keep a good eye on my blogroll and try your best to visit new blogs on it!)

Blue Sunday I: My Name 

Blue Sunday II: My Half Picture

Blue Sunday III: Puzzle Piece

Blue Sunday IV: Impossible

Blue Sunday V: Not Lost

Blue Sunday VI: Gone